carolyn (staggers) wrote in harry_questions,

The ongoing saga of Stubby Boardman and Sirius Black

"The one who had been driving had long black hair; his insolent good looks reminded Fisher unpleasantly of his daughter’s guitar-playing, layabout boyfriend." from JK Rowling's short prequel.

Dudes, the guitar-playing layabout is totally Stubby Boardman, Y/N?

God, I love Stubby Boardman haha. I want pages of backstory on him when the encyclopedia comes out XD
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Deleted comment

I wish JK Rowling was still posting answers to questions on her website. But I guess she's concentrating on organizing all those things into the encyclopedia now.
You know, that never even crossed my mind when I read it! LOL

Maybe Sirius has a squib twin that the Blacks got rid of before it was known? Hmmm...sounds like a good fanfic plot!
I was reading a wiki post about the prequel, and all the characters mentioned were listed, and one was "unidentified guitar player" and that's the only thing that made me think of it, lol. And sure enough, the guy is compared to Sirius in looks, so it just makes me wonder...

Or one of the older Black menfolk had an illegitimate somewhere, lol.