Linsey (maraudersaffair) wrote in harry_questions,

Do you think Snape died a virgin?
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lol he probably did. I didn't even think of that before haha.
Well, it was on my mind -- LOL.

Why do you think he died a virgin?
lol : )

I don't know, really. I guess just because there was never any talk of him dating someone and of course he was never married. But he could've had sex sometime, lol.
With whom, though?
No idea. You?
If Snape did have sex, I would guess it was only with voldemort's prisoners, which sounds so lame, or like, hired company. lol
hahaha you're probably right.
I'd like to think so, lol.
Why is that?
Thinking of Snape having sex with someone is almost like picturing my parents having sex, hahaha. I just... I mean I'd rather not.

I doubt he ever had a girlfriend, but he could have probably found someone to ~provide those services~. He'd probably go trolling for redheads - creepy, creepy man that he is.
Yeah. That or he had like, the world's worst sexing time ever with a hooker once and never did it again.
I almost feel like he saw sex below him.

no pun intended xD
That's my feeling. And that if he were to give it a try, it would be so completely unhot. Which is why I will never get Snape/whoever fic, for the most part.

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This. At least canonically speaking, which I assume is what you were after, maraudersaffair.
I definitely agree with Moonyinspades's analysis. Actually, if they hadn't written it first, my post would have said a very similar thing! ^.^

I just think that he was so dedicated to Lily and so rent by what part he played in her death and orphaning her son, that the idea of ever really being with anyone else was equivalent of sacrilege. IMO, of course.

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Hm, you know, that's a really good argument. ^.^ Makes me think to hone my own a little more, haha...


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If you think about it, how many people die virgins? Most people have had sex or will have sex. Snape was a down right jerk, and most women wouldn't want to touch if with a 10 foot pole, however, there must have been someone who had had some compassion for him (besides Lily). He lived 30 plus years, of course the man had sex -- unless he's the younger 40 Year Old Virgin.

He was a teenager, he was a young man, he had hormones. Despite that he was pinning for Lily, as revenge he might have been self destructive where he either hired women or had sex with people he didn't know.